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The Social Benefits Tribunal Brochure

The Tribunal has a new brochure entitled how to "Appeal Your Decision to the Social Benefits Tribunal" for people who want to appeal decisions about their social assistance.  It provides answers to questions about how to appeal. 

The brochure has four key sections to explain:

  1. How and when to contact the Tribunal;
  2. What to do before you file an appeal;
  3. What to do after you file an appeal; and
  4. The Hearing.

The brochure will give you information about: 

  • Interim assistance;
  • Legal and non-legal representatives;
  • Submissions;
  • Withdrawing your appeal;
  • Interpreters;
  • Who should attend the hearing;
  • The decision; and
  • Reconsideration Hearing.

Getting Legal Help

This directory lists community legal clinics across Ontario by region, and provides their addresses and phone numbers. 

Annual Report

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