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Tribunal Procedure

Effective October 1, 2013 Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) is implementing new Common Rules which will apply to all tribunals in the SJTO. There will now be two parts to the rules that govern the procedures of the tribunals in the SJTO. At the Social Benefits Tribunal:

    1. Part I will be the SJTO Common Rules, which apply to all the tribunals within the SJTO.
    2. Part II will be the individual tribunal specific rules as set out in the Social Benefits Tribunal's Practice Directions 1 through 8.

The SJTO is also issuing practice directions to support the SJTO Common Rules of Procedure and to provide guidance about what the Tribunal expects of the parties and in turn what the parties can expect of the Tribunal. The SJTO Practice Directions assist in understanding and applying the common rules. The new Practice Direction on Representation before SJTO discusses the representation of parties before the tribunals and boards of the SJTO, including who can represent a party and the obligations of representatives. It relates to Rule A9 of the SJTO Common rules.)

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