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Tribunal Procedures

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Tribunal Procedure

The Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) is excited to introduce tribunal specific rules of procedure.  Together with the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO) Common Rules that were introduced in October 2013 the rules will further improve access to justice by increasing the transparency of the SBT’s procedures, and assisting parties to be better prepared to proceed at hearing. The Rules are grounded in the core adjudicative values and principles of the SJTO.

There will now be two parts to the SBT Rules of Procedure: 

  • Part I is the SJTO Common Rules, which apply to all the tribunals within the SJTO 
  • Part II is the SBT Specific Rules of Procedure (NEW)

The public is invited to review and provide written comments on Part II – SBT Specific Rules of Procedure by February 20, 2015.

SBT Specific Rules of Procedure 

Common Rules 

Practice Directions


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